A dream business come true

As a family, we are lucky to share a hobby that we are extremely passionate about. Both Andy and I have dressed up in fancy dress most of our lives, we even got engaged dressed as Wonder Woman & Braveheart!! Then when our son was old enough and started getting into things like Jurassic Park and superheroes, he caught the dressing up bug too.

Back in 2005 we saw that the fancy dress shop in Cranbrook was up for sale and to me it seemed the perfect business for us. So we started the ball rolling on purchasing it. But sadly we were pipped at the post the day before we got the finances through. I was gutted, so much so that I couldn't go into the shop for a few years. So you can imagine my delight - as I popped in there in June 2017,to buy some fake blood - when I saw a sign on the window saying 'Fancy Dress Business for Sale'! One excited phone call to my husband later, we decided this was our chance again and we were determined not to lose it. And thankfully this time, everything went to plan and on the 1st August 2017 we finally took over the shop - some 12 years later! Sadly though, with lockdown and a pandemic that isn’t going away anytime soon, we realised that keeping a high street fancy dress shop just wasn’t financially viable. So in order to save the business, we made the decision to move it to home where we have a double garage. So after a lot of hard work, we now have Fancy Pants the home edition! A bigger and better set up and one that we can all follow our long term visions that we weren’t able to when we were restricted to the shop

Dressing up has always formed a huge part of our lives, especially when we stumbled upon the world of Cosplay. Being a family of geeks, we started going to film & TV conventions for years and saw how many con goers dressed up as their favourite characters. We just knew that this was the pastime for us and were hooked straight away! And subsequently embarked on the world of cosplay as a full time hobby, with me making the majority of our costumes. Over the years we have met some incredible famous people and made a whole load of wonderful friends. It really is the best hobby in the world! And now, with Fancy Pants, we are able to turn our hobby into a business. So it really is a dream come true.

Anna, Andy & Trystan Nield

Meet the team


Owner, seamstress, costume maker, mischief maker, Wonder Woman obsessive


Co-owner, tech support,  builder of workshops, shelves and all sorts of awesomeness, more Wolverine than Hugh Jackman


Son, creative ideas genius, artist, tea maker