Upcycled Treasures

Over my years as a seamstress and dressmaker I have accumulated piles and piles of fabric of all sorts of makes, styles, shades and sizes!  So rather than throwing them away I decided to see if I can make something from them and do my bit to reduce the fabric waste that goes to our landfills.  From memory bears & cushions, to reusable make up removing pads, sanitary towels, nursing pads, throw cushions, table runners, rugs and clothing - if I can make it out of my fabric remnants and unwanted clothes, I will!  And with the struggles that small businesses like mine have had to endure throughout 2020, it seemed an ideal thing to get up and running in time for Christmas.  Below are a selection of items that I am working on at the moment.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Details are in the photos.